Hypertension: Natural cures and remedies

Arterial hypertension is a very dangerous disease for the health of our body. It is caused by an increase in pressure in the arteries due to a high “pumping” of blood from the heart which can compromise the resistance of the arteries to this increasing flow. If not treated correctly and promptly, this pathology can lead to very serious illnesses such as stroke or heart attack. It is often determined by an incorrect diet (and more generally by an incorrect lifestyle in which little physical exercise is practiced) in which there is an abuse of salt (especially refined white salt, which is particularly harmful to the heart and the cardiovascular system). Alcohol abuse and smoking (and also the use of narcotic substances such as cocaine) are also two factors that predispose to this pathology.The first thing to do to bring blood pressure back to normal levels is to eliminate the use of refined white salt(and replace it with small doses of whole salt) in our diet. Eliminating the use of white salt also means eliminating all the products in which it is found. That is, bread, pizza, packaged products and baked goods, sausages, etc., since considerable quantities of salt are found in all these products. In the same way, the use (and abuse) of alcohol and tobacco (and narcotic substances for those who use them) should be eliminated. Another very important remedy is to do movement or physical exercise since a sedentary lifestyle is another risk factor for this pathology. So doing gymnastics or even long walks can certainly help the pressure return to within acceptable limits. A natural therapeutic treatment should also act on the state of mental stress of subjects suffering from this pathological condition, since stress is another factor that favors hypertension. The use of herbal teas with nerve and sedative action can be a valid help in these cases.Chamomile, lemon balm, valerian, hawthorn and nepeta herbal teas are recommended to alleviate states of stress and nervousness that lead to hypertension. At the same time you can use foods with a strong hypotensive action which are able to bring blood pressure levels back to normal values. Garlic and onion , in particular, have a powerful hypotensive effect and are very useful in treating this insidious disorder .More generally, all vegetables (fruits and vegetables) have a positive effect on blood pressure. This is due to potassium and magnesium, particularly abundant in bananas, apricots, citrus fruits, apples and pears. These mineral salts are very useful for lowering and regulating blood pressure in order to prevent hypertension. It follows, therefore, that the natural therapy of this disorder is mainly focused on diet and a lifestyle as active and healthy as possible. Rebalancing your diet (increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables and reducing the consumption of refined salt and the products in which it is present) can therefore be the winning card against arterial hypertension .