Arteriosclerosis: Natural cures and remedies

Arteriosclerosis is a morbid condition typical of the aging process of our organism. It consists of the thickening and stiffening of the arteries. This pathology can be caused by diabetes (in subjects suffering from this pathology), excessively high blood pressure, states of excessive nervousness or infectious diseases. It can have very serious consequences if not treated properly. In particular, those suffering from atherosclerosis may be the victim of kidney complications, rupture of the arteries and cerebral hemorrhage, heart attack and a general deterioration of health conditions. A first remedy to combat this pathology is certainly to lead a healthy lifestyle that includes the elimination of vices (such as smoking and alcohol) which certainly do not help in curing the disease.It is also advisable to do moderate movement that stimulates blood circulation but at the same time does not subject an already tested organism to efforts that it cannot sustain. But it is certainly the diet that can make the difference in the treatment of this very annoying disease. Some foods are particularly suitable for effectively treating atherosclerosis.  First of all garlic and onion which have powerful anticoagulant effects and are able to thin and purify the blood. They are also powerful hypotensives and the allicin contained in them has the ability to protect blood vessels and our lymphatic system as a whole. So if you suffer from this disease you cannot ignore the consumption of garlic and onion in your diet.Lemon is also very suitable in case of arteriosclerosis. Its high vitamin C content in fact has a great beneficial effect on the lymphatic system and is able to improve blood circulation. Turmeric is also particularly suitable for this pathology since it has a great protective role on the heart and circulatory system. Alternatively you can use herbal teas with a high protective effect on our lymphatic system. Rosemary and horsetail are particularly suitable. Both boast protective properties on the veins and arteries as well as on the cardiovascular system as a whole. A mixed herbal tea of ​​these herbs can certainly be an effective remedy against atherosclerosis and its possible complications