Thrombosis and embolisms: Natural cures and therapies

Thrombosis and embolism are pathologies characterized by the formation of blood clots inside blood vessels (venous, arterial, capillary or coronary) and are potentially lethal pathological conditions for our body. The occlusion of blood vessels can have serious effects on the passage of blood through them and on the oxygenation of body tissues and therefore lead to tissue atrophy and cellular degeneration. Furthermore, this morbid condition exposes the body to strokes, cerebral ischemia, heart attacks and gangrene of the affected body parts. This is why, in the presence of such pathologies, it is necessary to intervene promptly before the irreparable happens.Particularly useful in case of thrombosis are garlic and onion which have a powerful anticoagulant and fluidifying effect on our blood (thanks to its powerful active ingredient, allicin, which is also able to purify the blood). These two precious bulbs should be eaten at will, both for preventive and curative purposes, whenever there is a danger of incurring this hateful pathology.Citrus fruits, peppers and chili peppers (exceptionally rich in vitamin C) are also very useful since they have powerful anticoagulant properties. Drinking freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice or pepper and parsley juice in the morning on an empty stomach can be an excellent remedy against thrombosis and embolisms. Even foods rich in vitamin K (with a powerful anticoagulant action) are of considerable help in the natural therapy of thrombosis and embolisms. In particular, it is present in cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, watercress, etc.). A smoothie of cruciferous vegetables and green leafy vegetables, taken every day during or between meals, is a valid aid in preventing and treating this disease. Rebalancing your diet, increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables and reducing the consumption of junk food (packaged foods and overly processed foods rich in hydrogenated fats), and doing regular physical activity can be a valid remedy to prevent and treat blood coagulation. blood and blockages of blood vessels. Remedies that are much more effective than you might think.