Asthma: Natural cures and remedies

Asthma is an inflammation of the bronchi, often chronic, characterized by persistent cough, sensation of tightness in the chest, difficult breathing (often with a sensation of suffocation) and, consequently, restlessness and nervousness due to symptoms. It can be caused by allergic factors (to dust, animal hair, etc.), pollution, breathing in toxic substances (paints, etc.) or food intolerances (to gluten, lactose, etc.).It would be advisable, therefore, if you can identify the cause of this pathology, act accordingly and not expose yourself to the pathogenic risk factor (eliminate foods with gluten if you are intolerant to gluten, for example, do not expose yourself to breathing in paints, do not approach animals if you are allergic to their fur, etc.). In addition to acting on the cause of the disease, very effective methods can be used to treat this pathology. The best of all is to resort to garlic and onion to solve the problem. In fact, garlic and onion have anti-inflammatory, decongestant and purifying properties on the bronchi and lungs. Regular consumption of these two bulbs can help alleviate and even disappear the symptoms of asthma.They can also be taken in macerate form, to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast, to act very effectively on the bronchi and respiratory tract in general. Ginger also has a powerful decongestant and anti-inflammatory action on the bronchi and can be very useful and effective in the treatment of asthma. Herbal herbal teas with a powerful purifying and detoxifying action on the respiratory tract are also very effective. In particular, coltsfoot, clove and elderflower herbal teas can be useful as they can act quickly and effectively on asthma symptoms.