Stomach ache: Natural cures and remedies

Stomach pain is a morbid condition that can have various causes. These include poor digestion, intestinal problems, stomach or intestinal cramps, the menstrual cycle or particularly intense emotional states. When resulting from digestive and intestinal problems it is first necessary to resort to slow chewing of food during meals which limits the intake of air into the body (with the consequent formation of air pockets in the intestine which then cause constipation, flatulence and intestinal dysbiosis). Slow chewing makes the work of the stomach (which has to work less to make the food bolus in a semi-liquid state before it passes into the intestine) and the digestive process as a whole easier. In general, all of this is very useful for preventing stomach ache resulting from poor digestion.When stomach pain is the result of intestinal dysbiosis, constipation and malabsorption, it is advisable to resort to intestinal washing (an enema or, in more serious cases, colon hydrotherapy) which cleanses the colon and reconstitutes a healthy bacterial flora through introduction of probiotics (following a diet that favors the development of the intestinal flora based mainly on fruit and vegetables). If, however, the problem has causes of nervous origin (as a result of spasms of the organs of the digestive system), a liquid diet, continued for a couple of days, based on herbal teas with a calming, laxative and purifying action, is very useful. In particular, you can use a mixed herbal tea of ​​chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower, valerian, hawthorn, anise and yarrow.The combined action of these herbs can also be very useful in case of constipation (promoting the cleansing of the colon and the expulsion of waste substances whose permanence in the body can be very harmful and pathogenic).