Flatulence: Natural cures and remedies

Flatulence is a very frequent disorder nowadays and is a symptom of an unhealthy condition of the colon and intestine as a whole. In particular, this annoying disorder seems associated with a state of intestinal dysbiosis resulting from poor nutrition and an unhealthy lifestyle. It is almost always associated with states of stubborn constipation with stagnation and accumulation of fecal encrustations in the colon which are very harmful to our health. The first step to take, therefore, to solve this problem is to free the intestine from the waste accumulated over time in order to also expel most of the harmful and pathogenic bacteria that proliferate in such conditions.To achieve this purpose, intestinal washing is particularly indicated. The latter can be partial (through an enema) or, in the most serious cases, total (completely cleansing the colon with colon hydrotherapy). After having freed the colon from the waste accumulated over time, it is necessary to reintroduce probiotics (in particular the good bifidus and acidophilus bacteria) and associate this “replenishment” with a diet composed of prebiotic foods (apple cider vinegar, garlic, artichokes, onion, asparagus etc.) which promotes the development of a healthy intestinal flora. In this phase, the use of herbal infusions or herbal teas with a powerful carminative action can also be useful. In particular, mint and chamomile herbal teas are recommended, which are also very useful for ensuring the well-being of the mucous membranes and intestinal walls (on which,  The use of these herbs in infusions may not be conclusive in all those cases where there is a very compromised intestinal condition (with states of constipation and intestinal dysbiosis prolonged over time) which requires adequate cleansing of the colon. For this reason, if you want to solve this hateful problem, it is always advisable to perform an effective intestinal cleansing which, among other things, is also very useful for the general well-being of our organism (since the intestine is mostly concentrated our immune system and it is in the intestine that the process of absorbing the nutrients we obtain from our diet takes place).