Intestinal dysbiosis: Natural treatments and remedies

Intestinal dysbiosis is a very common disorder nowadays, especially in Western countries where the diet is rich in refined cereals, packaged products and junk food. This type of diet is obviously not healthy for our body and can cause states of constipation and intestinal dysbiosis. Intestinal dysbiosis can be defined as the alteration of the intestinal bacterial flora as a result of a diet poor in fruit and vegetables and lack of movement. In short, the good bacteria (such as Bifidus and Acidophilus) are overwhelmed by the proliferation of harmful and pathogenic bacteria which find their ideal habitat in the absence of constant evacuations and fecal stasis in the colon. This situation can further aggravate the problem of constipation with very serious consequences for the general state of health of our organism. In fact, such a situation, if prolonged over time, can cause the weakening of our immune system (mostly located in the intestine) and, in the most serious cases, malabsorption of the nutrients from the food ingested. It can also lead to flatulence and more or less serious forms of colitis.To solve this problem it is necessary to guarantee correct intestinal transit (also guaranteeing our body adequate physical activity and a diet rich in green leafy vegetables and fruit with a high water content which have a strong laxative action) through introduction of probiotics (good bacteria that counteract and destroy the colonies of harmful bacteria in the colon) and, at the same time, adopt a diet rich in prebiotics which favor the development of these good bacteria. Garlic, onion, apple cider vinegar, chicory, tomato, etc. are considered prebiotic foods. In cases of prolonged constipation, intestinal washing can be used to remove fecal encrustations in the colon and thus favor, in a more decisive way, the process of rebalancing the intestinal flora.Although often underestimated, intestinal dysbiosis represents something very dangerous for our body. It is advisable to act promptly whenever symptoms appear (constipation, colitis, flatulence, etc.) so that it does not degenerate into something much worse (illnesses) within our organism.