Constipation: Natural cures and remedies

Constipation is a pathological condition from which very serious diseases can arise in our body and lead to a state of general exhaustion with consequent immunosuppression (since our immune system is mostly located in the intestine). Prolonged states of constipation can seriously damage our body and compromise many of its vital functions. Our body needs to eliminate the waste products of our metabolism (toxins) to function at its best. When this does not happen, various problems arise. For this reason it is essential to act immediately whenever intestinal blockage conditions occur. To overcome constipation you must use water and aqueous foods (with a high water content such as fruit and vegetables). These foods are also known to be very rich in soluble and insoluble fibre. The importance of fibers for correct intestinal transit has been known since the dawn of time. Among the foods at the forefront in the fight against constipation arekiwi  and  spinach . The latter are practically unbeatable in overcoming even very prolonged states of constipation. Eaten in salads (also combined with other vegetables with similar properties such as watercress and chicory) they are an exceptional remedy even against the most stubborn states of constipation. Kiwis are no exception. Eating two kiwis combined with three glasses of water in the morning on an empty stomach is a very effective remedy against any form of constipation. Vegetable oils also have a strong laxative power (due to their lubricating action on the walls of the intestine) such as olive oil and, in particular, linseed oil  which has truly extraordinary laxative properties. . Almonds toothey have a powerful laxative action and are able to effectively rebalance intestinal function. They can be taken naturally or also in derived products (such as  almond paste widely used in the confectionery industry). An effective unblocking of intestinal function also involves the “ban” of those foods that do not favor it. That is, all products based on refined cereals which, being extremely “sticky”, have the ability, during the digestive process, to stick to the walls of the intestine and gradually cause blockage. Reducing the use of refined cereals (and their derivatives) is an important step to allow regular intestinal function. Likewise, the habit of drinking a lot of water between meals is another powerful factor in regularizing intestinal transit.