Wrinkles: Natural cures and remedies

Wrinkles are a symptom of skin aging that affects the body over the years. They are caused by the slow drying out that our body experiences over the years. As we age, the skin becomes increasingly drier and tends to produce wrinkles which are particularly hateful as they are unsightly and evidence of our age. The first thing to do to counteract the formation and expansion of wrinkles is to always keep our body well hydrated, drinking a lot and being careful to have a diet rich in watery foods (fruit and vegetables). Fruit and vegetables are also very rich in antioxidant elements capable of regenerating and protecting our skin from the onset of new wrinkles. In particularthe role of some vitamins (especially vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E) and some minerals (in particular sulphur, silicon, selenium and magnesium) is fundamental in maintaining healthy, toned, elastic and young. Therefore the treatment of wrinkles cannot ignore a healthy and balanced diet. For topical use, very effective treatments can be used, always based on fruit and vegetable extracts or derived products. Of exceptional importance in the treatment of wrinkles (and beauty treatments in general) are the applications of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice directly on the face or on the parts of the body affected by the presence of wrinkles (it is also possible to add a spoonful of olive oil or argan oil to increase its effectiveness).  Both apple cider vinegar and lemon are effective in eliminating dead skin cells, regenerating the skin and giving it tone and shine. They are also able to effectively clean the skin (eliminating impurities) and hair bulbs and promote their replacement. The vitamins and mineral salts they are particularly rich in (vitamins A, C and E as well as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sulphur, etc.) make them very useful for combating cellular aging of the skin and keeping it young. They are also very usefulcoconut oil masks (with exceptional hydrating and antioxidant properties) and also based on tomato juice (rich in lycopene and other precious antioxidants of which the tomato is exceptionally rich) and cucumber (with powerful hydrating and purifying for our skin) and carrot (very rich in vitamin A and vitamin E with a powerful antioxidant action for the skin). These remedies, which may seem banal to all those who treat wrinkles with specific cosmetic products, are actually very effective and capable of causing truly surprising beauty and skin shine.