Kidney stones: Natural cures and remedies

Kidney stones are small stones made up of aggregates of mineral salts that accumulate in the kidneys and can cause intense discomfort. They are often caused by a diet rich in fats and proteins and to act on them the first step to take is to rebalance your diet (trying to limit the consumption of foods rich in calcium oxalate, for example, which is one of the main causes of the formation of kidney stones (meat, wheat bran, chocolate, spinach, etc.). The treatment of kidney stones can be very simple as long as the stones have not grown too much and precise rules are respected.First of all, in the treatment of kidney stones, it is necessary to drink a lot of water (especially between meals). In fact, water has the natural ability to dissolve kidney stones. In addition to drinking a lot, it can be very useful to drink fresh lemon juice which is very effective in dissolving stones. It can also be combined with apple cider vinegar to further enhance its solvent properties. Generally, taking lemonades combined with apple cider vinegar between meals is the most effective remedy to solve this very annoying problem. They are also very suitable for the treatment of this disorder celery and cucumber juice. These two vegetables are in fact very useful for dissolving kidney stones thanks to their draining, detoxifying activity and their richness in water. The use of herbal teas is also particularly suitable for dissolving kidney stones. Particularly suitable are nettle, horsetail and basil. A mixed herbal tea of ​​these three herbs can be very effective for dissolving and preventing kidney stones. It would be advisable to take two or three cups in the morning, on an empty stomach, to get noticeable results in a short time.