Candida (candidiasis): Natural cures and remedies

Candida infections are very common nowadays and can be very annoying if they spread outside the intestine (particularly in the female genital organs where it can give rise to the very annoying vaginal candida ). It mainly affects females but males can also be seriously affected at the genital level. Candida is a fungus naturally present in the intestine and is, in good health, completely harmless to our body. However, when a situation of intestinal dysbiosis occurs with related problems and the relative weakening of the immune system, it can proliferate in an uncontrolled way and spread to nearby organs (and also into the oral cavity), causing candida infections very annoying. The symptoms are very often redness of the affected parts associated with intense burning sensation and even very intense itching. To solve the candida problem it would be advisable to first cleanse the intestinal environment with a deep colon cleansing that frees it from the waste accumulated over time (and from the colonies of harmful bacteria that live there) and proceed with the intake of lactic ferments (probiotics) to restore healthy intestinal flora. In fact, good intestinal bacteria, if adequately present in the intestine, do not allow the expansion of candida and therefore the onset of candidiasis. They are also very usefulfoods with antifungal properties that naturally combat candidiasis. Garlic and onion in particular are extremely effective in treating candida infection. Garlic, in particular, can also be very useful for topical use. A clove can be inserted directly into the intestine (through the anus) or into the vagina to effectively combat candidiasis. It is the most effective remedy ever. Also for topical use you can use chamomile compresses with lemon juice which can be very useful for alleviating the symptoms of the infection and reducing inflammation on the skin. Herbal herbal teas with antibacterial and antifungal action can also be very useful in the treatment of candida infections. In particular, they are effectiveangelica, burdock, calendula, clove, St. John’s wort and goldenseal herbal teas. You can also make a mixed herbal tea from all these herbs which can be very effective in treating the pathology and related symptoms.