Water retention (swollen feet); Natural cures and remedies

Water retention is a very common disorder in females. It is characterized by the tendency to retain liquids in the body which, over time, accumulate in the interstitial spaces of the cells causing them to fill and edema. This can cause swelling in the belly and peripheral parts of the body and primarily in the legs and feet. This condition is not only very unsightly but is also extremely harmful to our health if action is not taken quickly to resolve the problem. It is almost always caused by an unhealthy lifestyle due to the absence of movement and an incorrect diet.In particular, the abuse of salt (and salty products) is a very strong risk factor for this pathology. The first thing to do to combat the problem of water retention is to eliminate salt (and salty products) from your diet and, if you really can’t, it is advisable to at least replace refined salt with wholemeal salt (more It is low in sodium and richer in nutrients). Furthermore, it is advisable to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables in order to increase the level of potassium in our body and re-establish a correct sodium-potassium balance (essential not only to solve the problem of water retention but also to maintain our general state). of health). The richness of potassium and vitamins A, C and E of vegetables also has beneficial effects on other risk factors for this insidious pathology represented by liver and pancreatic dysfunction as well as arterial hypertension. A liquid fast, lasting for two or three days, which includes herbal teas with a powerful detoxifying and purifying action, can also be very useful in solving this problem. In particular, we recommend a mixed herbal tea of ​​dandelion, elderflower, milk thistle and mullein capable of stimulating the expulsion of excess liquids and purifying the organs of the digestive system. Alternatively you can use aattenuated fasting, based on centrifuged carrot, red turnip, celery and watercress capable of effectively rebalancing the sodium-potassium balance and promoting an intense purification of our organism.