Blisters and calluses: Natural cures and remedies

Blisters represent a form of reaction and defense of our body when the skin is subjected to wear and rubbing. They are very frequent in subjects who practice sports and who tend to use a part of the body a lot for this purpose. The part in question then tends to develop a fluid-filled swelling (a kind of liquid-filled bubble) which can be very annoying and painful. Pus may also develop inside the bladder in case of infection or blood may be present in case of broken capillaries.The most effective treatment is to apply water and whole sea salt directly to the bladder and then make an ointment based on apple cider vinegar and onion juice to apply directly to the affected part of the body. In this way the swelling should be adequately reabsorbed and the part adequately disinfected. Thanks to these practices , you generally recover from this annoying disorder in a few days. Calluses and calluses, on the other hand, are thickenings of the skin that occur on the hands and feet due to the effort exerted (by external elements or by the body itself) on them. They also represent a defense of the body and skin against pressure on the part in question.In case of calluses, as with blisters, you can resort to treatment with water and salt, leaving your feet (or hands) soaking for a while. An ointment obtained by mixing onion juice with apple cider vinegar can also be very useful and can promote cell turnover and cleansing of the affected parts. You can also use an ointment made from honey and olive oil which can effectively soften and nourish the skin and make it more toned. Generally these remedies are very effective for softening calluses and reducing the resulting unwanted effects. Even if they cannot lead to their disappearance since they are there precisely to protect the affected parts from excessive stress from weight and rubbing.