Cancer: Natural cures and natural therapies

Cancer: Natural cures and therapies


Cancer today represents the second cause of death in Western societies (after cardiovascular diseases) and its spread (along with its lethality) is also increasing in the rest of the world. Cancer (or malignant tumor) means the formation of neoplastic masses (due to uncontrolled cell development) which are capable of invading nearby tissues and therefore producing metastases. The causes of cancer are still unknown today although some studies have suggested the role of the alteration of the acid-base balance (and the consequent oxygenation of body tissues) as a trigger for this terrible disease. In particular, already in 1931 the scientist Otto Heinrich Warburghe understood that cancerous cells could live in the absence of oxygen (unlike healthy cells) and came to the conclusions that cancer is nothing more than a response of our body when it is, due to an inappropriate diet, due to the absence of movement, for forms of intoxication or congenital dysfunctions, in a condition of acid-base imbalance. For the prevention of cancer, therefore, a healthy lifestyle based on a diet composed of 70% fruit and vegetables and the remaining 30% of all other foods as well as regular physical activity (fundamental conditions for maintenance of normal blood PH without excessive efforts on the part of our body).More or less the same time Doctor Max Gerson developed a nutritional cure for cancer (and for degenerative diseases in general) based on the intake of organic fruit and vegetable juices as well as on the practice of coffee enemas (to detoxify the liver and intestines and to expel the enormous number of toxins locked up in these organs and responsible for the pathogenic intoxication of the organism) which also had the aim of restoring a correct acid-base balance in our body in order to allow it to better face the morbid state of which he was a victim.There has been much debate on the effectiveness of the Gerson therapy and, although not everyone agrees in recognizing its validity, there is no doubt that it has scientifically valid bases. Both for prevention and for cancer therapy. In particular, the consumption of organic fruit and vegetables can be of great help both in precancerous states and in conditions of already manifested cancer. In fact, it has been demonstrated that some vegetables (such as garlic, onion, leeks, broccoli, cabbage, watercress, carrots, etc.) have preventive properties on many types of cancer. And in many cases their ability to actively fight evil and lead cancerous cells to apoptosis has also been ascertainedand therefore determine its self-destruction. Obviously it would be advisable, in the case of smokers or alcohol consumers, to eliminate these vices which are very powerful risk factors for the onset and proliferation of the disease. Even an effective purification and detoxification of our organism can be very useful in case of cancer or pre-cancerous states. This is why, in these cases,  deep and repeated intestinal washing is extremely important to free the colon from waste accumulated over time which can, among other things, give rise to states of malabsorption and immunosuppression.These latter conditions can favor the onset of diseases of various kinds (including degenerative ones) as well as exposing our body to the aggression of external pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc.). The natural therapeutic approach to cancer is therefore based on a profound detoxification of our organism associated with a profound metabolic and acidity rebalancing of the blood PH (through a correct diet based mainly on fruit and vegetables). Indispensable conditions to allow our body to reaccumulate strength and the ability to fight evil effectively.