Otitis: Natural cures and remedies

Otitis is an inflammatory disorder of the ear. It can be caused by allergic reactions or by viruses and bacteria, especially in the case of accumulation of wax in the ears. In the most acute forms it can be very painful and annoying and, if not treated promptly and effectively, it can even become chronic. A first remedy is to always keep our ears clean so that wax stagnation and, consequently, bacterial and viral proliferation do not occur. When this condition has already occurred it is advisable to act quickly and effectively.The most effective remedy is undoubtedly garlic. Garlic has very powerful antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties and is therefore very effective in solving the problem. You can instill garlic juice (using a dropper) directly into the ear. Generally two or three drops of garlic juice are very effective for immediate appreciable effects. This operation can be repeated for several days in order to definitively resolve the problem. Even onion (which has properties very similar to those of garlic) can be used in the treatment of ear infections. It is preferable to extract juice and instill it directly into the ear. This remedy is also very effective and can be decisive. Alsoolive oil is very useful in case of ear infections. It can be applied, always using a dropper, instilling two or three drops directly into the ear so as to act directly on the inflammation. It would be preferable to instill the olive oil after first instilling the garlic or onion juice. Therefore, after having exterminated the viruses and bacteria responsible for the infection. Mullein infusion can  also be very useful in case of ear infections(also to eliminate the irritation and pain that this inflammation can cause). It can be applied by instilling one or two drops directly into the ear (also combined with olive oil). In this way, a great sense of relief is obtained from the disorders that this infection can cause, especially in its more acute versions.