Vitamin D (calciferol): Properties and benefits

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin for our body. It has an essential function for the mineralization of bones and therefore for our skeletal system as a whole. It is particularly indicated in all the problems concerning the latter (such as senile osteoporosis, osteomalacia or rickets).It is not significantly contained in the foods we eat (only meat, egg yolk and aloe contain it in small quantities) and is produced more than anything else by exposing our skin to the sun’s rays. It also has antioxidant and invigorating properties on our immune system as well as strong anti-inflammatory virtues.Its deficiency can lead to a general weakening of our bones and a greater predisposition to fracture of the same as phenomena of exhaustion related to morbid states of various kinds. Its excess (very rare and often resulting from the abuse of drugs or food supplements) can cause states of nausea associated with vomiting and general malaise.