Ulcer: Natural cures and remedies

An ulcer is a lesion of the walls of the stomach and the first intestinal tract (duodenum) which can be particularly annoying and painful. It is generally caused by a diet too rich in fats and alcohol and junk food as well as by bacterial infections. Even states of intense stress and excessive nervousness can generate this annoying disorder. To cure ulcers, you must first avoid consuming all those foods that tend to favor it. Carbonated drinks, alcohol, spicy foods, coffee etc. Smoking and complete lack of movement are also risk factors. The ulcer can be treated effectively with carrot juice which has truly exceptional healing properties. Furthermore, carrot juice also has a powerful anti-inflammatory and protective action on the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. Bananas also have notable healing properties and can be extremely effective in treating ulcers since they counteract excessive stomach acidity and appear to have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic and onion are certainly worth adding to your diet in case of ulcers due to their immense beneficial effects on the stomach and intestines (they counteract, among other things, the action of helicobacter pylori which seems to be a of the main causes of gastric ulcer). We must then favor a diet rich in vegetables (green leafy vegetables, vegetables, seasonal fruit, etc.) which have beneficial effects on gastric and intestinal activity. In particular, the roots (carrots, turmeric, Jerusalem artichokes, etc.) have a powerful alkaline and antacid action which can be decisive in resolving this very annoying disorder. It is recommended to consume it with all meals in order to speed up the healing process as much as possible. When this problem is caused by states of stress and excessive nervousness, we recommend the use of herbal teas, between meals, of chamomile, passionflower, hawthorn and lemon balm.capable not only of acting positively on the walls of the stomach and intestines but also of acting on the very cause of the problem by sedating and calming the nervous system.