Liver failure: Natural treatments and remedies

Liver failure is a very common problem nowadays. This pathology is characterized by the impairment of liver function as a whole. Considering that the liver is an organ that carries out very important metabolic functions in our body, the impairment of its activities can cause serious disorders for our organism. It is generally caused by an incorrect diet (rich in fried foods, ready-made foods, very elaborate and difficult to digest meals), infections (hepatitis), alcohol or drug abuse. It can manifest itself with jaundice, with accumulation of fluid in the abdomen and with a general feeling of malaise and tiredness. If not treated correctly and promptly it can cause potentially lethal consequences for the human body. To naturally combat this pathology you can resort to a correct diet that aims to regenerate the liver (the liver is the largest gland in our body and can be completely regenerated if not damaged irreparably). For this purpose, various vegetables with a powerful purifying and detoxifying action on this organ are very useful.Particularly suitable are garlic, onion, leeks and shallots which have a very powerful detoxifying action on the liver organ and are able to effectively regenerate the liver. It would be advisable to consume them as much as possible in salads combined with vegetables that enhance their detoxifying properties (watercress, chicory, etc.). Red beetroot is also particularly suitable for the treatment of liver disorders and has a very powerful purifying action on the liver. It can also be taken in the form of a centrifuge combined with carrot juice which also has very powerful hepatoprotective properties. Very effective too artichoke extract which is an excellent liver purifier capable of purifying the liver effectively. Also not to be overlooked are herbal teas with a powerful detoxifying and regenerating action on the liver. In particular, milk thistle, dandelion and burdock herbal teas are precious and can be of great help both in the treatment of the disease and in the alleviation of its symptoms.