Hemorrhoids: Natural cures and remedies

Hemorrhoids are arterial and venous blood vessels present in the anal area. Hemorrhoids, by swelling and deflating, through the flow and outflow of blood from them, have the function of completely closing the anal canal but also of promoting defecation. Hemorrhoids, due to their direct contact with fecal material, are particularly exposed to very painful inflammation. In the case of hemorrhoids, it is necessary to avoid a diet based on junk foods (snacks, ready-to-eat foods, etc.) and spicy and spicy foods since they can exacerbate the problem (even further fueling constipation).Constipation is the main cause of inflammation of hemorrhoids and generally to solve the problem we should act by fighting the state of constipation. This can be resolved by increasing the consumption of water and aqueous foods (fruit and vegetables) in your diet in order to adequately promote intestinal transit. Regular physical activity is also particularly suitable for this purpose and can have beneficial effects on blood flows that regulate the dilation and shrinkage of hemorrhoids. For topical treatment you can use aloe vera gel or juice (very effective) to be applied directly to the affected part. Calendula, chamomile and plantain compresses can also be very usefulto soothe annoying pains and to effectively relieve inflammation of the parts affected. In general, however, preventive care is more useful. Eliminating the causes that produced the inflammation is the best cure for this problem. So the best thing to do in these cases is to completely change your diet (definitely increasing your consumption of fruit and vegetables and decreasing, at the same time, that of refined cereals, fried foods and ready-to-eat foods) and your lifestyle ( promoting body movement).