Tomato: Properties and benefits

The tomato is one of the most appreciated and consumed vegetables in the world. It is not only very tasty but also boasts truly exceptional health properties which make it a precious ally of our health. It is particularly rich in water and therefore hydrating and refreshing. Its virtues are innumerable and derive from the concentration of substances found in it. In fact, in tomatoes we find vitamins and mineral salts in large quantities. In particular, it contains vitamins A, B and C (which have a powerful antioxidant effect), folic acid, group B vitamins (very useful in cell regeneration processes), and good quantities of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. . The combined action of these substances make tomatoes an excellent stimulator of the basic functions of the human body and an excellent ally of the cardiovascular system and digestive system. In fact, they are very useful in maintaining good intestinal transit and therefore intestinal health. The tomato is also particularly rich in lycopene (the substance gives the typical red color to this vegetable). Lycopene is a carotenoid with exceptional antioxidant and anti-aging properties. It is very effective in preserving the proper functioning of the eyes and sight as well as protecting our body from cellular degeneration and cancer. Recent studies have confirmed the exceptional anti-carcinogenic power of this precious element. This precious element is particularly concentrated in the peel of the vegetable and it is therefore not recommended to consume the tomato without the peel. Due to their high nutritional and preventative value, it is recommended to eat tomatoes every day, even in the form of juice or in a salad.