Purify yourself with Sulphur

Notoriously considered the “mineral of beauty”, sulfur boasts truly exceptional beneficial properties for the health and well-being of our organism (even before the beauty and youth of the skin). In fact, even today, few people know how useful this precious mineral is for the purification and detoxification of the body from toxins and external and internal pathogens (heavy metals, free radicals and various toxic substances) of various nature. Sulphates (i.e. sulphur-based essences) also promote the well-being and regeneration of our nervous system, guaranteeing its correct functioning and preserving it from dangerous pathological degeneration.

If applied directly to the skin (sulphurous water or water with a high sulfur content is very useful for this purpose) it can be very useful in case of oily skin, acne and pimples, scabies, dermatitis, skin rashes and other skin pathologies. It is able to give the skin great tone and a healthier, more beautiful and younger appearance. It is therefore also widely used in treatments and beauty products that are highly appreciated today on markets around the world. Recent studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of the sulfur essences present in Liliaceae (allicin, allyl sulphide) and in cruciferous vegetables (sulforaphane). These properties have been known since the time of Hippocrates but have now been confirmed by scientific research. The sulfur essences in question have in fact demonstrated, in addition to their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties, also powerful anticancer effects which place them today at the forefront for the prevention of many types of cancer.

But the properties of this fantastic mineral do not end here. Sulfur is also involved in metabolic processes (it is essential in the process of transforming carbohydrates into energy), and is able to disinfect the airways and the respiratory system as a whole (the beneficial properties of this precious mineral are known for the bronchi and lungs which is able to clean and detoxify in a very effective way), effectively purifies the blood (depriving it of impurities that are potentially very harmful to the tissues of our body), and is also able to help maintain tone muscle and strengthen the skeletal system. Sulfur is therefore one of the great purifiers of our body and should never be missing from our diet. Its application for topical use (through sulphurous thermal waters) is particularly indicated in all cases in which skin diseases occur but is also very useful for preventive purposes. In fact, this precious element not only has healing properties for our skin but also the ability to prevent morbid degeneration of our skin.

At the same time it makes it more beautiful, toned and shiny and is able to give a younger and more sunny appearance to each of us. All those who, for one reason or another, cannot go to the spa can use sulfur-based soaps and cosmetic products to purify and make the skin more beautiful (especially in the case of oily skin with acne and pimples). There are many types. It is the healthiest thing we can offer our skin.