Papaya: Properties and benefits

Papaya is a tropical fruit with exceptional nutritional qualities. It is, first of all, an excellent digestive (a property given to it by Papain, an enzyme that stimulates the production of gastric juices). It is a fruit very rich in water (88% of its weight) and is therefore refreshing and thirst-quenching. Its richness in water (associated with the fibers of which it is also rich) gives it laxative properties which are very useful for the well-being of our organism. It contains vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin C which give it exceptional antioxidant properties and make it a precious ally of our skin, our eyes, our immune system and our cardiovascular system. It also contains a large quantity of mineral salts such as magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium etc. which make it useful for excellent mineralization of our body. It is also particularly rich in flavonoids whose action to combat damage caused by free radicals is well known. For all these reasons, papaya is a real panacea for our body. It can be consumed raw or, better yet, in the form of juice also combined with other exotic or seasonal fruits which enhance its thirst-quenching and detoxifying effect.