Pancreatitis: Natural cures and remedies

Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas, the gland responsible for producing insulin (essential for regulating blood sugar or the sugar level in our blood which must be within certain values) in the human body. The pancreas is an organ of vital importance for our body and its dysfunctions or pathologies can have serious repercussions for our health. Pancreatitis can be very painful and cause a feeling of general malaise. It is generally caused by infections or food contamination or by alcohol abuse. In case of pancreatitis it is necessary to act promptly to restore the natural functions of this organ.To solve the problem you can use milk thistle herbal teas combined with artichoke extract. This mix is ​​particularly effective for pancreatitis considering the anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and decongestant properties of the artichoke and milk thistle on the pancreas and liver. Dandelion, burdock, juniper and skullcap herbal teas are also very effective in the treatment of prostatitis thanks to their powerful decongestant and purifying action on the organs in question. Red beetroot juice  can also be very useful as it has a very powerful detoxifying effect on the liver and pancreas.It can be taken in all cases of pancreatitis also combined with carrot juice since carrot enhances its purifying and protective effects on the pancratic organ. The habitual consumption of garlic and onion  in your diet can be very useful since they have a powerful purifying and regenerating action on this organ. For very effective and almost immediate results they can be taken in macerate form, to be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. Even lemon juice combined with apple cider vinegar, taken in the morning on an empty stomach, it can be very effective in resolving inflammation of the pancreas. More generally, to treat and prevent prostatitis, it is necessary to prefer a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and practice regular physical exercise during the day. At the same time it is recommended to eliminate risk factors such as alcohol and smoking which can seriously (and often irreparably) damage the liver and pancreas.