Hepatitis: Natural cures and remedies

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver and is a very serious disease with potentially very serious consequences if not treated properly. It can be caused by alcohol abuse, food poisoning or even viral infections. It can lead to a general debilitation of our organism associated with more or less intense abdominal pain, a feeling of nausea and a state of general exhaustion. In the presence of this morbid state, the first thing to do is to eliminate particularly processed foods from your diet (sausages, sweets, fried foods, packaged products, etc.) which can aggravate the stress on the liver and the digestive process as a whole.Particularly useful for the treatment of hepatitis and for the regeneration of the liver gland (many do not know it but the liver is a gland and like all glands it can be regenerated even after serious morbid complications) are some plants and vegetables that have a powerful detoxifying action on the liver. First of all milk thistle, dandelion and artichoke whose detoxifying action on the liver organ has been known since ancient times. In particular, these vegetables have the ability to promote the secretion of bile and also allow, through it, the purging of toxins trapped in the liver. A treatment based on dandelion and cardio marian herbal teas (associated with artichoke extract) can be of great benefit in resolving this problem.Particularly suitable in case of hepatitis are  garlic, lemon and grapefruit (which have hepatoprotective, regenerating and stimulating liver function properties). In case of hepatitis, garlic can be taken in the form of macerate while lemon and grapefruit in juice (especially in the morning on an empty stomach). Another effective remedy for hepatitis and liver regeneration are coffee enemas. This practice was widely used in the Gerson therapy and is able to free the liver (through the secretion of bile actively stimulated by the coffee) from the impurities and pathogenic elements contained in it.Coffee enemas (which are simple enemas in which a spoonful of coffee is added to the water, boiled for 15 minutes and then administered at body temperature) are also very useful for reinvigorating our body and effectively cleansing it of toxins.