Oily skin: Natural treatments and remedies

Oily skin is a very common problem nowadays. It is caused by an excess production of sebum (the protective film, produced by the hair bulbs, present on our skin which protects us from the sun’s rays, wind, dust and impurities present in the air), especially attributable to liver dysfunction or hormonal imbalances, which gives the skin a characteristic oily and shiny appearance. This problem can have very serious impacts on the appearance of the individual who suffers from it since it can make our skin much uglier and “older” than normal. The first therapeutic approach to this problem is that to rebalance our diet and increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables, especially yellow-orange fruit and vegetables (rich in vitamin A and vitamin E) which have a protective and regenerating role for our skin. You can use pumpkin and carrot juices or carrot and beetroot juices (the latter being a great liver purifier) ​​to get good results. Garlic and onion can also help in natural therapy for oily skin. The consumption of these precious vegetables has a powerful detoxifying and purifying effect on the skin, the hair system and our organism as a whole (thanks to the allicin, sulfur and silica they contain). It can be used for topical useto the application, directly on the skin, of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar (you can also prepare a mask, to which a spoonful of olive oil is also added, to be applied to the face and left on for a couple of hours a day ). This remedy is very effective given the detoxifying and purifying properties of lemon and apple cider vinegar for our skin and is generally able to solve the problem of oily skin in a short time. Also for topical use you can use a herbal tea with a powerful purifying action on the skin and hair system. In particular, you can use chamomile, nettle, burdock and calendula herbal teas (or a mixed herbal tea that includes all four herbs) with compresses applied directly to the skin of the face (or other parts of the body). This remedy is also generally very effective and is able to solve the problem in a short time.