Acne and pimples: Natural cures and remedies

Acne is a skin disease that mainly affects the face and is characterized by an inflammatory reaction due to the production of excess sebum by the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles (pimple). It can be caused by allergic processes but also by dysbiosis and intestinal intoxication (very common in adolescence) resulting, very often, from a poor diet. For this reason, the therapy of this problem must be addressed to the causes that cause it as well as the topical use of herbal teas that solve the problem from the outside. It would therefore be appropriate, when this problem occurs, to rebalance the intestinal flora, the motility of the intestine and the transit in the colon so as to combat states of constipation and dysbiosis which could further aggravate the problem. It is therefore advisable to use probiotics that fight dysbiosis and, in more serious cases, to resort to complete intestinal washing. At the same time it is recommended to drink more water (especially between meals) and consume more watery foods such as fruit and vegetables so as to more easily restore intestinal function and adequately hydrate our skin. For topical use you can use masks based on apple cider vinegar, lemon and olive oil. (to be applied directly to the face for several hours a day) capable of rebalancing the sebaceous production of the hair follicles and hydrating and detoxifying the skin. Aloe vera gel is also particularly suitable for this disorder since it is able to reduce inflammation, decongest and purify our skin (as, moreover, in common cases of dermatitis). Particularly useful, for topical use, are also herbal tea compresses with a powerful decongestant and purifying action on the skin and our hair system. In particular, burdock, calendula, mallow and plantain herbal teas are very effective. It would be advisable to make a mixed herbal tea of ​​these herbs and apply it with compresses on the face (or on other parts of the body affected by acne) to have concrete results in a few days.