Lemon: Properties and benefits

Lemon, due to its countless properties, is to be considered a true natural medicine. Its abundant vitamin C content makes it a formidable ally of our cardiovascular system and our immune system (as well as an exceptional antioxidant capable of effectively counteracting the harmful action of free radicals). In fact, this precious fruit has the ability to thin the blood, fighting the formation of clots and embolisms in the veins and arteries. It has a high detoxifying power on the body and, especially if taken in the form of juice, can effectively combat states of food poisoning due to incorrect nutrition and excessive accumulation of toxins in the body. It has powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties and is therefore particularly useful in case of infection by bacteria and fungi such as candida and salmonella. It contributes to the proper functioning of renal activity thanks also to its ability to dissolve the annoying stones that form in these organs. Lemon is also rich in carotenoids that are precious for the health of our skin and eyes. Despite being acidic to the palate, lemon leaves alkaline ash in the human body and is also a powerful alkalizer. It also has interesting cosmetic properties. Its application on the skin makes the skin more shiny and shiny. It is also a precious ally in case of conjunctivitis. Instilling a drop of lemon directly into the eye is sometimes very helpful in solving this problem.