Garlic: Properties and benefits

The properties of garlic have been appreciated since ancient times. In addition to being widely used in the kitchen to flavor foods, this precious bulb boasts truly extraordinary therapeutic properties. Its sulfur essences, in particular, make it a wonderful disinfectant and an excellent antibiotic (as well as a powerful antiviral). It is able to kill most of the bacteria (and viruses) harmful to our body and, on the other hand, promote the good bacteria in our intestine. These properties are especially useful for intestinal activity. In fact, garlic turns out to be an excellent tonic for this organ whose importance is fundamental for our body (where approximately 70% of our immune system is concentrated). Garlic also has a disinfectant and restorative action on the lungs and liver. Organs that it protects from dangerous cellular degeneration and any intoxication. The richness of sulfur essences present in it also makes it an ally of our skin and our hair system. Its powerful detoxifying action on the entire human body is especially due to the allicin and silica it contains. It also has proven hypotensive properties and is therefore very precious for our cardiovascular system (it also helps to thin the blood and “clean” veins and arteries). Garlic also contains iodine and is therefore precious for all those who suffer from thyroid gland dysfunction. All this makes garlic a truly natural medicine as well as an excellent cancer preventative.