Elderflowers: Properties and benefits

Elderflowers have truly exceptional properties, particularly for our respiratory system. They are in fact very effective in case of bronchitis or pneumonia since they have a powerful decongestant and detoxifying action on these organs. They are able to promote sweating and therefore the expulsion of toxins from our body through the skin. They also have a powerful action on the other excretory organs and in particular on the urinary system (promoting diuresis) and on the intestine (fighting constipation and promoting the expulsion of waste from our body). This function also has beneficial effects on our immune system (mostly concentrated in the intestine) which is therefore effectively stimulated in this way. This is why they have a powerful purifying and detoxifying action. They are also powerful anti-flu agents since they counteract the onset and persistence of the flu. They can also be consumed in the form of herbal tea combined with other herbs with a diuretic and laxative effect to enhance their powerful effects.