Bach flowers: Properties and benefits

Bach flowers have powerful beneficial effects on our body. These are 38 floral essences, extracted in a completely natural way, used to solve various physical problems. Their properties vary depending on how they are prepared and associated with each other. Bach flowers have in particular supportive properties in combating negative emotional states such as fears, anxieties, sadness and melancholy, depressive states of various kinds, etc. They therefore have the ability to intervene on the state of the individual’s mood, making it more ‘capable of dealing with negativity of various kinds. They are particularly indicated in drug addiction or smoking therapies where there is often a deterioration of the willpower of the subjects involved and consequent states of depression. They also have the ability to combat headaches of various kinds and in particular those generated by states of anxiety and particularly negative emotional states. It would be advisable, before starting a therapy with Bach flowers, to consult a naturopathic doctor specialized in this type of therapy to prescribe a specific treatment for the real problems of the requesting subject.