Diarrhoea: Natural cures and remedies

Diarrhoea is an annoying disorder that is increasingly common nowadays, especially in Western societies where there is an unhealthy diet based on junk food, ready-made and packaged foods full of refined salt and hydrogenated fats, cereals refined and white sugar. In fact, this pathology originates from an unhealthy state of the intestine often associated with intestinal dysbiosis and colitis (favored by the foods specified above). The first thing to do in case of diarrhea is to restore normal intestinal activity by clearing the colon of colonies of harmful bacteria that have been able to proliferate excessively. It would therefore be advisable to take probioticsto counteract the increase in pathogenic bacteria, perhaps after an intense intestinal wash that can remove years-old fecal encrustations from the colon. At the same time, a diet based on prebiotic foods should be followed which favors the development of a healthy intestinal flora. Prebiotic foods include garlic and onion, apple cider vinegar and in general all vegetables and roots. Among the latter, carrots represent a real panacea in case of diarrhea because they are able to block even the most acute phenomena of this pathology. It is therefore appropriate to resort to these precious roots whenever a diarrheal crisis occurs. For the definitive resolution of this very annoying problem, however, as already mentioned, it is necessary to resort to a general cleansing of the intestine by acting on the causes of the problem. Almost always visible in intestinal dysbiosis, colitis and accumulation of waste inside the colon.