Yarrow: Properties and benefits

Yarrow is a herb with precious health benefits. It has protective properties for our digestive system as a whole. In particular, it is very useful for reducing contractions (spasms), of nervous or non-nervous origin, which can occur in the patient (thus ensuring good digestion). Thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory action it is able to effectively protect the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines, preserving their functionality. It has hypotensive properties and is therefore very useful to use in cases of excessively high blood pressure. It also has antiseptic and analgesic properties and is therefore particularly suitable in all those cases in which we experience infections and pain (rheumatic, muscular, etc.) in our organism. It is also rich in flavonoids which give it a powerful antioxidant action. It is used in the treatment of specific pathologies such as in the case of bleeding hemorrhoids and varicose veins. For external use it is used as a healing agent in case of cuts, dermatitis or insect bites. It can be consumed in herbal tea, also combined with other herbs with similar properties (chamomile, lemon balm, etc.), to improve digestive function and to soothe the symptoms of pain of various kinds in our body (headache, teeth, joint pain, etc.).