Angelica: Properties and benefits

Angelica is a herb with precious beneficial virtues for our body. It has properties similar to those of yarrow. It is therefore able to relax the muscles of the organs of the digestive system, preventing gastric and intestinal spasms and thus ensuring good digestion (also by virtue of its ability to stimulate the secretion of gastric juices). It also has a powerful anti-inflammatory action and is therefore very useful for preventing inflammation of the gastric and intestinal mucosa. It has laxative properties since it is able to facilitate intestinal transit. At the same time it is able to reduce abdominal swelling and fight flatulence. Due to the state of well-being that it is able to guarantee to the intestine and the digestive system as a whole, this precious herb is also an excellent ally of our immune system (which is mostly concentrated in the intestine). also draining and detoxifying properties since it is able to promote diuresis and the expulsion of toxins from our body. It also has a powerful antioxidant effect thanks to its flavonoid content. It can be taken in various ways. In the form of mother tincture (especially for the correct functioning of the intestinal function). The leaf infusion is indicated for flu conditions and for the well-being of the respiratory system. The root decoction is instead indicated for states of intestinal exhaustion, flatulence and digestive disorders.