Water and health


When we talk about health we cannot fail to talk about water. Water turns out to be not only an indispensable ally of our health but also the main constituent of the human body. The aging process of our organism occurs due to a physiological loss of water over the years. As we age, the human body becomes, in other words, increasingly drier and poorer in water. The wrinkles that form on our skin in advanced age are caused precisely by this slow and inexorable process of drying up of our body (or, rather, of its cells which over the years tend to lose the aqueous humor in which they are enclosed).

A bit like what happens in the fields when the earth literally cracks because it is dry and devoid of water. The human body must therefore always be well hydrated to work at its best. Only in this way can you maintain a perfect state of health. Water intake can occur directly (by drinking water, in fact) or indirectly (by eating foods with a high water content, such as fruit and vegetables). The beneficial properties that water has on our body are truly impressive. It is practically indispensable for any chemical and biological process that occurs in our body. It is essential for the lubrication of the intestine and to allow correct intestinal transit. It is essential for maintaining the right acid-base balance in our body and for our blood (made up of over 90% water), which has a fundamental role in cellular and tissue oxygenation processes. Water is also involved in the processes of digestion and assimilation of nutrients (which mostly occurs in the intestine). It is essential for the sight and mood of our eyes. Water is also the tool through which the body is able to free itself from toxins (through urine and diuresis). Water is, in other words, the sine qua non of human health. In the absence of it there can be no health and, ultimately, not even life.

This is why it is important that it is never missing from our diet. It is also the greatest therapeutic element of our body. A diet based only on herbal teas continued for a couple of days is able to purify and detoxify our body much more than anything else. It is able, for example, to purify the liver (promoting its regeneration), to rehydrate the skin and the body, to free the intestine from states of constipation and prevent the accumulation of acid waste in the colon, to overcome states of exhaustion caused, in fact, by intoxications caused by incorrect diets or by abuse of toxic substances.
It can therefore also restore vigor to people suffering from various morbid conditions or to subjects who are victims of food poisoning. The therapeutic power of water is enhanced by the purifying and detoxifying power of herbs and vegetables in general. A cup of water to which the juice of a lemon has been added, drunk on an empty stomach in the morning, for example, can be the best therapy against a large number of ailments (or from states of exhaustion whose cause is unknown) . Likewise, a garlic macerate, always drunk on an empty stomach in the morning, can help our digestive system (stomach, liver, intestines, etc.) much more than any medicine. But it is not just garlic and lemon, associated with water, that have a purifying and detoxifying power on our body. Virtually all herbs and vegetables (also composed mostly of water) have it, even if in a different way. And it is therefore essential, whenever we are faced with a morbid state, to resort to water to solve the problem. In these cases it would also be advisable to abstain from eating and practice a maximum of liquid fasting (based on herbal teas) or attenuated fasting (based on fruit juices and vegetable juices) so as not to tire the body with the digestive process and focus solely on solving the problem. In this way we act, through an intense purification process, on the cause of the disease, purifying and detoxifying the digestive system, stimulating and favoring the action of the excretory organs (and therefore the expulsion of toxins from our organism) and favoring the acid-base balance.
Water can also help us for topical use and for intestinal cleansing which restores the perfect functionality of the intestine (and, consequently, of the immune system which is mostly concentrated in this organ). This practice, less and less practiced today, is fundamental for our state of health, especially in the Western world where a diet is often very harmful to the health of our body (based on rich ready-to-eat and packaged foods such as refined salt, sugar refined cereals and hydrogenated fats) and which, associated with the total or partial absence of physical movement, is the cause of most diseases. Enemas (various types can be made: with water and whole salt, with water and lemon or even with water and coffee) represent a very effective and highly purifying and detoxifying therapeutic practice. In particular, coffee enemas can be an exceptional ally against liver organ intoxication when the latter is in critical condition due to years of poor diet, alcohol and smoking abuse and low physical activity. It is therefore appropriate, today more than ever, to rediscover the indispensable role of water in maintaining the general state of health of our body and also in properly therapeutic ones. Which can help us, in an unparalleled way, when a morbid state of any nature arises. It is therefore necessary to rely on the purifying, detoxifying and therapeutic role of water which, if used correctly, can allow a profound regeneration of our body and heal it from even serious illnesses. Much more than prescribed treatments that do not analyze the root of the disease as such.