Purify and detoxify yourself through the excretory organs

In the preservation of our state of health, a primary role is played by the excretory organs. The excretory organs are fundamental for eliminating the waste products of our metabolism (toxins) and when this does not happen (or happens incompletely), due to partial or total debilitation of the cleansing system of our organism, a condition of toxicity is created which causes the onset of diseases. The excretory organs of our body are the skin, liver, intestine, kidneys and lungs. When problems arise in these organs, there is a general weakening of the individual’s vital functions. And also a slow process of intoxication since toxins are no longer eliminated adequately from our body, creating an accumulation of toxic substances which causes the onset of various diseases. To maintain a state of excellent health it is necessary, in addition to practicing regular physical activity and having a healthy diet (based mainly on the consumption of fruit and vegetables), to always eliminate, completely or almost completely, all waste products which generates our digestive process so that they cannot accumulate over time in our organism so as to poison it and lead us to disease. The excretory organs are divided into primary and secondary.

The primary excretory organs are the intestine, the liver and the kidneys and are the organs normally involved in the process of eliminating waste. The secondary excretory organs are instead the skin and the lungs which generally intervene only in case of overload and fatigue of the primary excretory organs. When cases of excessive sweating or accelerated breathing occur, we could therefore be in the presence of a state of intoxication of our organism which the normal action of the intestine, liver and kidneys is no longer able to cope with. It is a very serious alarm bell that should not be underestimated. It is that it can announce the onset of the disease to us. Whenever this happens it is a good idea to start an intense purification and cleansing of our organism aimed at the expulsion of all waste materials that are deposited, in particular, in the liver and intestines. In these cases, a therapy based on attenuated fasting based on vegetable juices with a powerful detoxifying and purifying action (red beetroot, broccoli, carrot and watercress juice) and coffee enemas (particularly for the purification of the organ) would be appropriate. hepatic). The centrifuged drinks can be combined with herbal teas with a high purifying power for the digestive system. Particularly suitable are herbal teas made from milk thistle, anise, yarrow, burdock, mallow, calendula, cumin, juniper etc.

This preventive and therapeutic approach can lead to the complete removal of the impurities present in our body also (and above all) through the removal of fecal encrustations in the intestine which, in addition to intoxicating the entire organism, cause malabsorption and immunosuppression (since the absorption of nutrients from food occurs on the walls of the intestine and that a clogged intestine can cause an immune deficiency given that the immune system is mainly concentrated in the intestine). At the same time it can promote the purging of toxins from the liver thanks to the ability of herbs (and also coffee enemas) to increase the secretion of bile from the liver and therefore the release, with it, of the toxins present there. This purification and detoxification process is essential to prevent the accumulation of waste and therefore the onset of disease in our organism. Also not to be underestimated are deep intestinal washing (colon hydrotherapy) which can lead to a total cleansing of the intestinal environment with subsequent restoration of the bacterial flora thanks to the intake of probiotics. Such a practice also brings great benefits for liver activity and function as well as a great feeling of well-being and relief for the whole body. We should therefore resort to these “cleansing processes” at least a couple of times a year to maintain good health. These cleaning processes also have an aesthetic aspect of no small importance. Anyone who has had colon hydrotherapy sessions knows perfectly how much they benefit our skin and our appearance in general. We simply look younger. And therefore even more beautiful. Our skin, in particular, appears cleaner and less oily. You also have a much greater sensation of vigor which replaces the previous sensation of weakness and exhaustion (caused by the large quantity of toxins in our organism). The sauna can also be a very healthy practice since, by promoting sweating, it can lead to a huge purge of toxins through the skin (at the same time lightening the work of the other excretory organs) and to a profound detoxification of our organism as a whole. The sauna can also be a real beauty treatment if you have a diet rich in sulfur (i.e. if you eat foods containing sulfur such as garlic, onion, broccoli etc.) since this mineral is able to purify and effectively detoxify our skin and make it more beautiful, toned and shiny. From all this it is clear that the role of the excretory organs is simply fundamental for maintaining the state of health of our organism and it is therefore very important to ensure that they function at their best and that they are not damaged in any way.