Silicon (Silica): Properties and benefits

Silicon (or silica) is a mineral with precious beneficial virtues for our body. It is in particular very useful in protecting our hair system, our skin and our nails from oxidative stress and morbid degeneration. It is therefore useful for maintaining a youthful appearance and toned and elastic skin (as well as strong, thick hair). It is therefore a precious element to counteract premature aging that may occur in our body. It is able to promote the activity of the immune system and therefore prevent various pathological states. It is also very useful for keeping our skeletal system and therefore our bones healthy. It has a beneficial action for the heart (promotes the cleaning of the internal walls of veins and arteries) and promotes their regular functionality. Finally, it has proven anti-carcinogenic properties. It is mainly contained in cereals (corn, rice, wheat, rye and oats). A deficiency of this precious mineral can cause the weakening of our hair and nails as well as a decline in the quality of the skin. An excess of silicon in our body (a condition called “silicosis”) can instead lead to lung dysfunction with consequent respiratory problems.