Renal failure: Natural cures and remedies

Renal failure is that morbid condition in which the kidneys are unable to function properly (and are therefore unable to filter toxic substances from the blood as best as possible). The causes of the disease are not yet known to date. It can lead to a general feeling of malaise, a decrease in urination during the day, itching sensations, swelling of the ankles and feet and breathing difficulties. To effectively combat renal failure, it is advisable to favor in your diet those foods that stimulate renal activity and counteract water retention (helping to maintain a good balance between sodium and potassium in our body, which is essential for our health). ).At the same time it would be advisable to reduce or eliminate the consumption of refined white salt and replace it with very small doses of whole salt (much less rich in sodium). Onion is particularly suitable for solving the problem of water retention and renal failure. This bulb appears to have not only a strong protective role on the renal organs but also a powerful diuretic action and stimulation of renal activity. It can be taken in broth or in a salad to effectively combat this disorder. Garlic, cruciferous vegetables and fruit with a very high water content (watermelon, melon, pineapple) also have a powerful diuretic action and should be consumed abundantly in case of renal failure. Also very important are herbal teas with a strong diuretic action that can help stimulate renal activity. Particularly effective are dandelion, angelica, burdock and juniper.These herbs, taken abundantly in herbal tea, are a valid aid for stimulating renal activity and, at the same time, for purifying, through diuresis, our organism from toxins and impurities of all kinds.