Prostatitis: Natural cures and remedies

Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate, a disorder that is very common today among the adult male population. The causes of prostatitis are almost always of bacterial origin (also as a result of intestinal dysbiosis) but other causes such as advanced age, lack of movement, smoking and alcohol abuse also contribute. For a complete resolution of the problem, it is necessary to understand , based on the lifestyle of the interested parties, what the exact causes of the development of inflammation may be. If the cause is due to the proliferation of bacteria, a complete intestinal wash (through hydrocholotherapy) or partial (through an enema) will be very order to free the colon from the colonies of harmful bacteria that have settled and developed there (as a result of intestinal dysbiosis). To exterminate harmful bacteria in the colon you can also resort to the use of  garlic, onion, leeks and shallots  which have powerful antibiotic and prebiotic properties capable of rebalancing the intestinal flora. At the same time you can use herbal teas with a purifying and anti-inflammatory effect on the urinary system. In particular, you can take nettle, hyssop, St. John’s wort and echinacea herbal teas. It is also very important to resort to a diet that allows for complete restoration of prostatic function and regression of inflammation. Particularly suitable for the well-being of the prostate are berries, yellow-orange vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, apricots, etc.), green leafy vegetables and all vegetables rich in vitamin C (with a powerful antioxidant action and very beneficial for the prostate). Even drinking a lot of water between meals can be useful for the well-being of the prostate (as well as for the general state of well-being of our organism) and to avoid bacterial stagnation that causes inflammation of the gland. In cases where the inflammation is caused by alcohol abuse,