Lettuce: Properties and benefits

Lettuce is one of the healthiest vegetables ever. It is a true concentration of virtues. Its richness in fiber makes it an excellent intestinal regularizer. It is therefore very useful in all cases of stubborn constipation. The well-being that it is able to bring to intestinal functionality also has very important implications for our immune system. In fact, it is precisely in the intestine that our immune defenses are mostly concentrated. The correct functionality of the intestine is therefore able to guarantee the full efficiency of our immune system (essential in protecting us from diseases). Lettuce also boasts sedative properties ascertained thanks to the lactucarium contained in it. This substance has strong calming properties and is able to promote night sleep. It is also very rich in mineral salts (sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, etc.) and vitamins (especially C and B) which make it an excellent tonic for our body. These precious substances also give it powerful antioxidant properties. Being very rich in water (up to 95% of its weight) this precious vegetable is able to effectively hydrate our body and actively promote diuresis. Which makes it possible to expel a large number of toxins from our body. For all these reasons, lettuce is a vegetable with very powerful detoxifying and purifying properties. It should never be missing from our tables. It can be consumed abundantly in salads. Also associated with other vegetables with a powerful purifying and detoxifying action (broccoli, chicory, watercress, etc.).