Lentils: Properties and benefits

Lentils are tasty legumes and are especially appreciated in the winter season when they generally abound on our tables. They are high-protein vegetables that are very useful in all diets (including vegetarian and vegan ones) where there is a protein deficiency. These legumes have strong antioxidant properties thanks to the abundant presence of anthocyanins (substances that have a very powerful action to counteract the harmful activity of free radicals). They also boast beneficial effects on the heart and the cardiovascular system as a whole thanks to their vitamin C content. They are also fairly rich in mineral salts (calcium, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, etc.) which makes them useful for correct functioning of the vital functions of our organism. The richness of fibers contained in them, then, it guarantees intestinal transit and an effective purge of toxins from our body (and therefore, consequently, the health of our immune system concentrated mostly in the intestinal organ). It is therefore recommended to eat lentils in abundance when they are naturally available. These legumes can be consumed alone or also in minestrone combined with the most varied winter vegetables and also with other legumes with similar properties (beans, chickpeas etc.)