Horsetail: Properties and benefits

Horsetail has interesting beneficial properties for our body. In particular, this plant is known for its draining properties which make it very useful for purging toxins (and therefore purifying our organism) from our body. At the same time it promotes the health of the kidneys and bladder which helps to purify. It is a plant rich in antioxidants (in particular flavonoids) which make it valuable in fighting cellular oxidation caused by the activity of free radicals. The presence of quercetin then makes it an excellent natural antioxidant and antiviral. It is a plant very rich in mineral salts (in particular potassium and silicon) which gives it a powerful remineralising action. For topical use it is particularly suitable for the health of our skin and our hair system. In particular, it has protective properties towards our hair (thanks to the silicon in which it is rich, this plant has the property of making hair stronger and more aesthetically beautiful). It is generally taken in herbal tea also combined with other herbs with draining and detoxifying properties. Massive use is recommended in all pathological cases particularly concerning the urinary system.