Hops: Properties and benefits

Hops are a plant with interesting beneficial properties for our body. It is known as beer is made from it. It has digestive and protective properties for the digestive system. and it is particularly suitable in all cases of nervousness as its main active ingredient, lupulin, has strong sedative and calming properties which are also very useful in cases of insomnia or neurasthenia. Being very rich in flavonoids, it has antioxidant properties and is therefore very useful for counteracting the harmful action of free radicals in our organism (and therefore preventing states of cellular degeneration and premature aging). Thanks to its phytoestrogen content it is very useful for the growth and well-being of our hair which helps to regrow and keep it strong and shiny. Finally, it has antioxidant properties and some studies have recently ascertained its anti-carcinogenic properties. It can be consumed in herbal tea (also combined with other herbs with a calming and sedative action (chamomile, lemon balm, valerian) or even, without exaggerating, in its derivative, namely beer.