Diabetes: Natural cures and remedies

Diabetes is a very common disease throughout the world today. It is caused by the fact that the pancreas is unable to produce insulin (or is unable to produce enough), thus allowing glycemic peaks (hyperglycemia) that are very dangerous for our body. In case of hyperglycemia, you may experience rather serious dizziness, sickness and a feeling of exhaustion. In the most serious cases, it requires specific pharmacological treatment but there are various natural remedies that can assist it and bring enormous benefits to people who suffer from this disease.First of all, in case of diabetes it is advisable to constantly do movement and exercise in order to burn sugars in the blood to prevent the blood sugar level from reaching too high levels. It is also very important to avoid overly large meals and prefer many small meals during the day. It is very important to eliminate white sugar which is particularly harmful to pancreatic activity and glycemic levels. Foods with a notable hypoglycemic action should be preferred (in particular garlic and onion and olive oil for seasoning meals)and in any case with a low glycemic index (i.e. all vegetables, fruit rich in fibre, fish and meat). At the same time, the consumption of sweets, refined cereals, white bread and non-wholemeal pasta should be limited. To regenerate the liver and decongest the pancreas, you can use vegetable juices with a powerful purifying and decongestant action such as celery, red beetroot, carrot, cabbage and broccoli. Black grapes and blueberries are also particularly beneficial for purifying the liver and pancreas. Herbal teas with their hypoglycaemic and purifying action on the pancreatic organ are also particularly suitable.In particular, dandelion, milk thistle, burdock and artichoke extract herbal teas are recommended. These herbal teas can be consumed abundantly between meals (early in the morning, as a snack or in the evening before sleeping) and are very useful for decreasing blood sugar levels and for purifying and decongesting the liver and pancreas.