Banana: Properties and benefits

The banana is one of the fruits poorest in water (it contains only 75% of its weight) but at the same time it is also one of the healthiest foods we can find on our tables. Thanks to the presence of starch it has a notable satiating power and is excellent to consume for breakfast or as a snack. It is widely consumed in the world of sport for its high mineralizing power. Banana digestion is slower than most edible fruits (it takes about an hour to leave the stomach (compared to 20-30 minutes for watery fruit). Bananas contain high concentrations of potassium which make it a excellent tonic for our body.It also contains vitamin A, group B vitamins and fair quantities of vitamin C. It is also very rich in fiber and this gives it very useful laxative properties for intestinal transit and to solve constipation problems. Contrary to popular belief, bananas do not promote the development of diabetes nor do they create major problems for diabetics. The richness of fiber it contains, in fact, favors a slow absorption of the sugars it contains. It also has a notable alkalizing power on our body which helps the body to fight states of acidosis which are very dangerous for the health of our body. Bananas can be consumed raw or even in smoothies where other sweet fruits are present (red apple, pear, red grapes) without combining them with acidic or semi-acid fruit (for a correct diet it is wrong to combine sweet fruit and acidic fruit in the same meal ).