Anxiety and nervousness: Natural cures and remedies

Anxiety and states of nervousness are very common nowadays, particularly in Western societies, where the frenetic daily rhythms subject our organism to real tours de force. The best cure for these psychic states would be to remove the causes that cause them but this, obviously, is not always possible. It must be said that a healthy body responds better to work stress or performance anxiety (very widespread in Western societies). This is why we should ask ourselves whether, when the symptoms of anxiety or excessive nervousness appear, these pathologies are not also caused by metabolic imbalances or functional dysfunctions of our organism. A prolonged acid-base imbalance (due to a poor diet and lack of physical exercise) in our body, for example, can cause states of exhaustion and malaise that lead to states of anxiety and nervousness. For this reason it would be appropriate to rebalance our diet by increasing the consumption of alkalizing foods (fruit and vegetables) and decreasing that of acidifying foods (meat, fish, dairy products, refined cereals, packaged products, etc.). Another natural remedy for anxiety and nervous states would be to provide for the purification and detoxification of our digestive system since states of food intoxication or various substances must be resolved to prevent the body from falling into a state of state of stress such as to lead to an alteration of the nervous system in the organism. This can be easily achieved with a liquid diet that includes the consumption of herbal teas with a powerful nerve action. Such a type of fasting, continued for two or three days, with consumption ofchamomile, lemon balm, valerian, hawthorn and nepeta herbal teasit can not only considerably reduce the state of anxiety and nervousness in our organism but also remove the causes of these particular psychic states. In fact, these herbal teas (especially if combined with citrus fruit and kiwi juices) have the ability to decongest and detoxify the liver and intestines and facilitate their work. All this reduces the stress on our body when it is put in a position to work at its best. Another natural remedy for states of anxiety and nervousness is the intake of correct doses of group B vitamins. These vitamins have a protective and restorative role for our nervous system. In fact, a deficiency of these vitamins can cause neurological disorders of various kinds and therefore promote states of anxiety and nervousness.lactucarium contained in it) and apricots (rich in bromine , a mineral salt with powerful sedative properties) can be useful for calming our nerves and our anxiety. Bach flower therapy can also be used to reduce anxiety and nervousness. The exact mixture must be established by a specialist based on the specific needs of each patient.