Vitamin B4: (choline): Properties and benefits

Vitamin B4 has very beneficial properties for our body. First of all, it is particularly beneficial for our cellular system. In fact, it seems to protect cell membranes from many forms of degeneration and for this reason contributes to the health and proper functioning of our cellular system as a whole. It is involved in the metabolism of fats and therefore promotes the absorption of these precious substances in our body. It has protective properties on our digestive system and in particular on the liver (which protects against many pathologies and which is able to regenerate even after serious states of intoxication of this organ). It has the ability to strengthen the heart muscle and clean veins and arteries from cholesterol accumulations. It is therefore very beneficial for the cardiovascular system as a whole. It also has a fundamental role in regulating nerve impulses in our body and strengthening our immune system. It is found in whole grains, soybeans, breast milk, calf and turkey liver, and egg yolk. Its deficiency can cause states of exhaustion, neurological problems, nervous exhaustion, liver failure, gastrointestinal disorders of various kinds, etc.