Vitamin B2: Properties and benefits

Vitamin B2 has, like vitamin B1, vital functions on our metabolism by promoting the absorption of nutrients in our body (in particular sugars and proteins). It is essential for the correct functioning of many tissues in our body including blood. It also has protective functions on our skin and hair system. It is also very beneficial for the health of our eyes (in particular it seems to have a protective action on the cornea). Recent studies attribute anti-carcinogenic properties to it. It is contained in whole grains, dried fruit, vegetables in general, eggs and brewer’s yeast. Its deficiency (quite rare with correct nutrition) can lead to quite serious disorders such as chronic tiredness, sore throat, sense of exhaustion, chapped skin, nervous system problems etc. Cases of excess vitamin B2 are also quite rare (as with all water-soluble vitamins) and do not seem to cause particular problems for our body.