Chickpeas: Properties and benefits

Chickpeas are very tasty and at the same time very beneficial legumes. They are a true concentration of virtues and very useful for our body. First of all, they are particularly rich in vegetable proteins and are therefore very useful in all those cases in which there is a protein deficiency in our body. They are a good source of fiber and therefore particularly suitable for intestinal transit and states of constipation (thus promoting the elimination of waste materials from our body). They are particularly rich in group B vitamins (important for cell regeneration processes and for our metabolism). They are also a good source of polyphenols with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. They are also rich in fatty acids (particularly omega-6) useful for our vision and for cellular oxygenation processes. These legumes also contain mineral salts (in particular magnesium, iron and zinc). In short, these legumes represent a food with a high nutritional content. They can be eaten instead of pasta and bread also combined with other legumes (and vegetables of various kinds) in soups with a high caloric and nutritional intake.