Canadian goldenseal: Properties and benefits

Goldenseal is a plant with interesting beneficial properties for our organism. In particular, it is very useful in case of skin problems (cut wounds and skin irritations) for which it is particularly suitable. It has soothing properties and is very effective in alleviating pain in the organs of the digestive system. It is very effective in case of gastritis or diarrhea since it seems to be able to rebalance the activity of the intestine thanks to its antiseptic and antibiotic properties (able to fight states of intestinal dysbiosis). It is also an excellent protector of the urinary tract and is particularly indicated in cases of cystitis or prostatitis (especially if of bacterial origin). It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties and is useful in case of inflammation of the oral cavity and respiratory tract. It also has strong anti-flu and respiratory protective properties. Finally, it has laxative and detoxifying properties for the liver and intestines, organs that it helps to effectively decongest. It can be taken in herbal tea or decoction also combined with other herbs which enhance its purifying and detoxifying properties.